Childs TWF 3mm CIC Titanium Shortie Wetsuit

  • Childs TWF 3mm CIC Titanium Shortie Wetsuit
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  • Product Code:Childs TWF 3mm CIC Titanium Shortie Wetsuit

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The brilliant top selling children's CIC shortie features 3mm titanium laminated soft and supple neoprene making the suit warm, easy to get in and out of and allowing maximum movement – a must for busy children on the go!

This quality suit represents excellent value for money.  Warmer children enjoy activities for much longer and everyone has more fun!  Our wetsuits are an eye-catching combination of black body with a choice of bright colour insert.  A shortie allows maximum movement, is a great UV protector and eliminates wind chill.  They are ideal for all types of watersports at home or abroad - especially with cooler water temperatures. The suit is also excellent for swimming lessons where the pool may be cool or unheated!  Wetsuits also have a slight positive buoyancy and provide an excellent barrier against jellyfish.


  • Quality 3/2mm Neoprene -super flexible and soft enabling a comfort fit on a range of body shapes/sizes 
  • Sturdy back zip fastening with robust long leash pull
  • All seams double stitched
  • Total reduction in wind chill
  • UV 50+ protection 

When you check your size on the chart at the top of the advert, it will provide you with a few tips as to how you get the best fit for your child and how to measure.  Age is only ever a guide as no one child is identical at a given age.  We are always happy to help with sizes so just be in touch for advice. 

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