Cressi Anti Fog

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Top Italian watersports company Cressi have been at the forefront of mask and goggles innovation for well over 50 years.

You can have the best mask or goggles on the market but if your vision is impaired with misting it will always detract from the overall experience. No-one wants that. A must have accessory for anyone who has a mask or goggles, no matter what brand, is a quality Antifog. 

Quick, simple and effective, simply spread on the inside of the lenses, before wetting them to help prevent the annoying  fogging and misting you can get with changes in temperature and humidity etc.

Nothing on the market will cut this out completely but we have trialled this antifog from cold water diving in Cornwall to humid bath water snorkelling in the Maldives and it works. As the effect wears off just reapply - we found no more frequently than each days new excursion.

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