Gul Adult GForce Aqua Shoes - Black

  • Gul Adult GForce Aqua Shoes - Black
  • £9.50

  • Brands Gul
  • Product Code: 125

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Gul GForce aqua beach shoes which have everything you need including quality, style and protection at a superb price! An indispensable piece of footwear for your outdoor activities. Very versatile and comfortable - in or out of the water, they provide great protection and comfort for all types of watersports including beach walking, swimming, snorkelling, boating, canoeing, kayaking etc. A must for ANY holiday! .Quality construction, soft and supple .Mesh vent side panels for easy drainage/air flow - helps keep feet cool walking on hot sand and allows water to drain out easily when coming out of the water .


  • Rear toggle fastening ensures a snug fit - easy to adjust
  • Hardwearing, protective sole
  • Love the water - quick drying and easy to care for - just rinse in fresh water after use
  • Perfect accompaniment to wetsuits

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