Highlander Climate X Base Layer

  • Highlander Climate X Base Layer
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Superb Highlander Climate X base Layer designed to provide effective insulation and moisture management for every outdoor activity.  This Highlander Technical T-Shirt was named "Best Buy" in OE's baselayer review and rightly so.  The Climate X is made from 'Eagle Eye', the latest in highly wicking, soft knit fabrics and it's three dimensional structure gives greatly increased surface area to speed up evaporation.  The Climate X  easy care fabric has been treated with naturally occurring CHITOSANTE (TM) anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-static finish which will withstand 30 washes. Chitosante will ensure that you stay fresh and your friends will still talk to you!

The Climate X works by facilitating rapid movement of moisture from the skin surface and when worn with a breathable mid and/or outer layer, gives real wearer comfort. This is a great versatile piece of kit for either warm or cool weather conditions - just layer up or layer down.  Used by itself in warmer conditions, rapid moisture movement and evaporation aids body temperature regulation and reduces overheating.  In cooler conditions an extra base layer next to your skin can make all the difference when exposed to the elements.


XS - max chest 36"

S -   max chest 38"

M -  max chest 40"

L -   max chest 42" XL - max chest 44"

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