Rash Vests

Rash vests, also known as ‘rashies’, were originally invented as a barrier between the skin and neoprene to prevent chafing or rashing. They make wearing a wetsuit more comfortable and slightly easier to get on. Thermal rash vests offer additional warmth in cooler conditions and are great base layers for a host of sports from water based activities to skiing. Rash vests also make a great standalone top and have more recently become the must have on the beach for anyone who wants to protect their skin from the UV rays. All of our rash vests are UV50+. Their quick drying qualities make them an ideal holiday accessory as well. A quick rinse once you're finished for the day and they will be dry in no time, ready for your next adventure.With short and long sleeved rash vests for men, women and children,  you can get the most out of your watersports, be it surfing, swimming, canoeing, SUP, kayaking or sailing, minimising the effects of the elements on your skin.
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