Wetsuit boots or ‘booties’ are ideal for any watersport from professional sailing to paddling in the sea. Wetsuit boots are designed to keep your feet warm and work in much the same way a wetsuit keeps your body warm. They also offer protection for your feet from pebbles, stones, and hidden beach nasties like weaver fish, as well as protecting your latex drysuit socks. They have a variety of soles intended to give you varying degrees of protection, support and stability when out and about. More lightweight boots are better suited to surfing where you need to ‘feel’ the board for example. Sailing boots very often require a hiking system for added protection. We have neoprene boots for all sports which vary in technicality and come in pull on or zipped versions. Most boots range from 2mm to 5mm in thickness of neoprene. Thinner boots are more for practicality - why ruin your trainers?! Thicker boots will of course provide the added dimension of warmth and thicker soles, added protection on the heel, toe and instep.

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