Typhoon 5mm Diving Gloves

  • Typhoon 5mm Diving Gloves
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Typhoon 5mm neoprene gloves with Typhoon Logo palm grip.   Cold or numb hands can spoil the enjoyment of your chosen watersport.   Gloves that are too bulky may provide protection but make it difficult to use your fingers.   The trade off is between warmth and dexterity.   Typhoon have developed a range of gloves that enable you to have both with these great new Typhoon 5mm  Gloves in black are great for diving but suitable for just about any watersport where that extra warmth is required. This is an outstanding price for a premier pair of 5mm gloves!


  • Quality 5mm double lined Neoprene
  • Blind stitched with dry seams
  • Robust velcro wrist strap to help prevent water ingress
  • Warm & supple
  • Typhoon logo grip on palms and fingers
  • Smart Typhoon branding

A fantastic multi purpose watersports glove at a great price for a 5mm thickness - especially useful if you need extra protection in cooler conditions where warmth is important.

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