Typhoon Alsec Waterproof Breathable Jacket - Light Grey

  • Typhoon Alsec Waterproof Breathable Jacket - Light Grey
  • £38.95

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This is a great high end quality cag - well made and built to last . Great for those long days out on the water, cut for comfort as well as performance. The adjustable neck and cuffs provide a great combination of water resistance and ventability meaning that the Alsec is as happy on cloudless sunny days as it is on stormy cold ones.

The neoprene waistband adjusts to make for a snug fit to help prevent water ingress and a generous front pocket - always handy- zips shut with and overlapping seal entrance providing a smooth flush front to the jacket. The Slate/ black combination with silver Typhoon logo and graphics sets this jacket apart from the rest.  If you are serious about your watersports then this jacket is for you.


  • Adjustable Neoprene waist
  • Adjustable neck and cuffs
  • Front pocket with internal D ring 
  • Zip closure with overlapping flap seal
  • Pre Bent arms

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